About this girl

My Grandmother taught me to knit when I was 8, however it did not turn into an obsession until I was 28 when my partner and I were trying, unsuccessfully, to conceive. In need of an outlet for my unquenched maternal urge, I knit baby clothes with a passion.

Now, eight years later, my son is six years old, and both he and my partner of ten years are still regular recipients of my knitting. I have moved far past knitting just baby clothes. I now knit a wide variety of things, although my true passion is designing my own patterns for hip, stylish garments that really fit. At 5 feet, 100 pounds I fall into the “extra small” category and over the years I have scoured pattern books for small sizes, only to find that the finished products often fit awkwardly—body too wide, sleeves too long, style too boxy. So out of desperation I took to designing my own petite garments. Now armed with a deep appreciation for the importance of a gauge swatch and careful measuring, I am knitting things that finally fit. I rarely knit from patterns any longer, but use them as sources of inspiration.

My degrees are in Business and Administration and I have a love and interest of traditional female crafts. I live in San Fransisco and work in the software industry by day, but dream of being paid fabulously to design knit garments full time.